Yet Another Feature Request :)

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Yet Another Feature Request :)

Post by trupro » Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:54 pm

Im sure you hear this all the time and dont want to nag but wow, something that would make this my go-to app for kits is if the sequencer was a little bit more useful.

if there is some way to use input quantizing rather than applying a set note value to the entire composition, that would finally make this my drum app of choice.

There are so many ways to play great rolls and fills with iGog, and the pad play resolution is so great that you get truly realistic nuances with quantize off or at 64th notes. However, then you cant quantize anything else. Once you turn quantizing on, it locks every single thing you've sequenced to that note value. Unless im doing something wrong? I hope that im just phailing and this is actually possible to quantize different pads/tracks with different timing.

If there is a way to do record-only quantizing, or apply quantize to specific pads after the fact,
let us know but if not, this would be my ultimate feature request!

thanx for everything u folks do :)

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