Drumagog 4 crashes when opening session.....HELP!

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Drumagog 4 crashes when opening session.....HELP!

Post by davidvignola » Fri Jun 22, 2012 3:31 pm

I have used drumagog for years now and always loved the product! However I have had this issues that when ever I put more than 1 instance of drumagog in a session (for example on a kick and snare) then when I save the session and try to reopen it later the session crashes and error report is saying it's crashing while try to read the drumagog plugin. Not sure why this happens only when I use more than 1 instance in a session. If I were just to use, say a kick drum replacement it will work fine and the session will open every time but once I add the 2nd instance I'm screwed.

I am having this issue with both Cubase 5 and Pro Tools 10. I searched around this forum and have read a few others having the issue and the recommended solution is to reinstall drumagog, which I just did to no success....same problem. Anyone can help here? What the hell do I do to recover my old sessions that have a ton of work already done to them?

Thank you in advance

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