Issue identified with Logic 7.x OSX

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Issue identified with Logic 7.x OSX

Post by Rim » Mon May 22, 2006 9:41 pm

Some versions of Logic 7.x have an issue with key commands that prevent Drumagog from being able to properly use the keyboard for entering text into Drumagog. This can cause problems entering your unlock code or typing in text labels within Drumagog.

Until this issue is resolved, please follow this procedure:

Remove Drumagog from the track it's currently inserted on, then re-insert it. This fixes the problem until the Logic session is reloaded.

Note: The issue only occurs if the Drumagog window appears immediately upon the session loading, or if Logic is minimized (hidden), then restored. Another workaround is to close the Drumagog window (no need to remove Drumagog altogether, just close the window), then reopen it. If you've already tried typing text into Drumagog, this solution won't work, and you'll need to remove Drumagog from the insert, then re-insert.

This issue should be resolved in an update soon.

Rim Buntinas
WaveMachine Labs

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