Samplitudre MIDI Problem

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Re: Samplitudre MIDI Problem

Post by Matt W » Tue Dec 28, 2010 12:36 pm


Which direction is the MIDI info traveling: are you using Drumagog's MIDI input (sending a MIDI track's output to Drumagog, as in using it like a synth), or the opposite with Drumagog's MIDI out (having Drumagog generate MIDI to trigger a MIDI device on a MIDI track)?

If you are using Drumagog's MIDI out keep in mind you may need to use a 3rd party MIDI virtual interface/loopback, like MIDIYoke ( to successfully route the MIDI signal out and back to your MIDI track, as many host applications either ignore or have a difficult time routing MIDI out from a plugin.

Also, Samplitude has caused some issues in the past if there wasn't continuous audio data on the audio track hosting Drumagog. If there was a gap in the audio info it would kill Drumagog from processing, even while the project was playing (There are some older threads on this board discussing this). I'm not Samplitude-savvy enough to know if that's changed in Samplitude 11; it would be a setting/option on plugin monitoring inside Samp that allowed plugins like Drumagog to keep running even when there is no audio on its track.
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