pipelineaudio/ AES_24_96 gogs

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pipelineaudio/ AES_24_96 gogs

Post by pipelineaudio » Tue Oct 30, 2007 3:59 am

Hi all, I finally made a cleaned up version of my old samples. Some may remember these around Drumagog V1 era as "AES_24_96 drumagog ready drum samples"

This is three levels of random by 8 levels of velocity. 1-8 is random 1 from lowest to highest velocity, 9-16 is random 2, etc...

You can find these, impulses and other goodies at http://pipelineaudio.net/ in the downloads section.

I'm going to try and hotlink them here, let me know if it doesnt work.

kick: http://pipelineaudio.net/samples/pipeli ... %20gog.zip

Snare: http://pipelineaudio.net/samples/pipeli ... %20gog.zip

Tom High: http://pipelineaudio.net/samples/pipeli ... %20gog.zip

Tom Mid: http://pipelineaudio.net/samples/pipeli ... %20gog.zip

Tom Low: http://pipelineaudio.net/samples/pipeli ... %20gog.zip

Tom Floor: http://pipelineaudio.net/samples/pipeli ... %20gog.zip

Open Hat: http://pipelineaudio.net/samples/pipeli ... %20gog.zip

Closed Hat: http://pipelineaudio.net/samples/pipeli ... %20gog.zip

China: http://pipelineaudio.net/samples/pipeli ... %20gog.zip

Ride: http://pipelineaudio.net/samples/pipeli ... %20gog.zip

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Post by CptTripps » Thu Feb 14, 2008 4:00 pm

I grabbed these. Although a little slow loading due to the file size and the fact that I record at 44 I am very impressed. I love everything but the kick (not that I dislike it).

Here's why, I have a fast drummer who does those bouncy little rolls. Most of my gogs have a very audible difference once a certain DB level is passed. You get very small natural sounding hits then all of the sudden they get quite a bit louder. It catches all the hits but does not sound natural.

This snare is perfect in that regard. The sound itself is very nice but the dynamics seem to follow a natural roll almost perfectly. I am very impressed and thank you much for these.

Oh, Toms are very nice too, they sound good and have the same natural dynamic for those varied hit levels.

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Post by neilwilkes » Fri May 30, 2008 8:49 am

Oh, Joy!!
I still have all the older versions and loved them.

Very big "Thank You" from me on this one.
Any new IR lately??
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