Odd Time signatures etc.

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Odd Time signatures etc.

Post by eskeys » Mon Mar 29, 2010 3:27 am

Hi, I've just bought Voice Band and iGoG and am enjoying them both, but I could really do with a few extra options - do I need to post similar in the iGoG forum?

Basically I'd like to work on one section of the song at a time and not the whole thing from beginning to end - I just run out of puff, timing, tune before the end!

So how about:
time signatures - add 7/8 or 7/4
bar:measure positioning not just timeline
play and record head positioning - i.e. move to time 2:23 or bar 40 in recording/playback
play/erase/edit track n (so we'd need a screen showing tracks in the sequencer)
midi export (with maybe a midi track made from the pitch of the vocal track?)

These tools then become Soooo much more useful!
many thanks,

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