Issue/Suggestion: pitch correction is far too sensitive.

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Issue/Suggestion: pitch correction is far too sensitive.

Post by Burzum » Fri Jan 29, 2010 9:39 am

Hey guys, just bought Voice Band and think it's just a few tweaks away from being THE coolest music app on the entire iPhone platform.

My only issue is that the pitch correction is far too fiddly and sensitive for the types of instruments that we're dealing with - it seems to react very easily to minute fluctuations in pitch, giving a lot of warble to the sound. There are certain instruments where this could be a cool performance thing - electric guitar tremolo and more natural phrasing, for example - but for the vast majority of them, it just makes a performance sound crappier than expected. An organ should sustain hard pitches, not warble - to say nothing of the bass.

Autotune-style pitch correction often has a "choosiness" or "sensitivity" control, and I think that Voice Band should definitely have one. Allow the user to determine whether they want the current style of ultra-sensitive, warbling pitch reaction, or whether they want to ultra-hard quantize the pitches so that as long as they're singing within a mile of the note, the output will be hard-quantized to it.


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Re: Issue/Suggestion: pitch correction is far too sensitive.

Post by Rim » Fri Jan 29, 2010 4:41 pm

Hi, these are great ideas, and some of them are going to be included in Voice Band Pro (which we're working on). Keep in mind that the current version of Voice Band is targeted at a broad audience, so it lacks some of the more advanced parameters that would let you fine tune things.

As far as getting a clean instrument sound is concerned, we've found that the two most important factors are: the volume of your voice, and the vocal range you're singing in. If your voice is too quiet, you won't get a solid tone (it will warble). The same goes for choosing the appropriate range for your own voice. Eveyone has a different voice, so I recommend finding the range of your voice that sounds the most pure (usually your middle range). Stay away from singing too low or too high (in pitch). If your voice starts to crackle or break, Voice Band may jump around as it tries to find your pitch.

Also, dont try to sound like the instrument you're playing. In other words, if you're playing a guitar, don't mouth the sound of an actual guitar (wah-wah chugga...). Make pure tunes with your voice (Bah Bah, etc.)

Another note: For best auto pitch results, go to the settings page, and choose the exact scal and note your song is in (for example C Major). The default is chromatic, which doesn't work as well as setting the actual scale.

I hope this helps...


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