Bought Ipad Specifically For This Program; Not Working!

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Bought Ipad Specifically For This Program; Not Working!

Post by mrentertainment » Mon Apr 07, 2014 7:46 am

I realize this program was marketed to the Iphone/Ipod community, but it is also supposed to work with the Ipad. I bought a perfectly good, used first-gen 64-GB Ipad, downloaded the app from Itunes, and attempted to use it.

Everything works except that that the tune wavers as if it were a warped record album (or even one of those clunky 8-track tapes not properly aligned by a player). At first I was humming directly into the device's mic, and then bought a set of phones with a built-in mic (the typical ones with it hanging directly onto the user's chest.

I tried recording using the mic approximately six inches from me, and then using it directly, with the same #()#*($)!! results! Very frustrating - especially when I was so floored by the demo (which is what sold me on the app).

And, yes, I've tried things such as the auto tuner, tuning to various pitches, etc., with no change in the tuning wavering. The only thing that comes out in tune is my vocals and harmonies, but the background music I "wrote" is indiscernible!

Can someone from the app's producer, or someone with an Ipad and similar problems (and a solution) contact me? Do I need to buy a good, used iphone just for this? (I'm perfectly happy with my Alcatel Fierce smartphone through MetroPCS, thank you.) I had the impression the Ipad was a glorified version of the Iphone, but without telephone capabilities, of course.

Thanks in Advance!

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