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New Version Posted: 4.05

Post by Rim » Sun Apr 09, 2006 11:35 am

This is a major release, as it adds several new features:

Add from Track feature added
New samples page layout and features: Groups mode, 384 sample limit for gog files, multi-select
Export gog samples to WAV feature
Left/Right Hand support
Positional group names
Improved auto-align algorithms
Fixed Pro Tools preset issue on fixed latency version
Fixed various graphic issues
Fixed MIDI input on Pro Tools Mac
Fixed stereo to mono issue on some hosts

Summary of the new features:

Samples page updated: The way a gog file gets made now is different. There's a groups page which allows you to set the dynamic group levels independently. Also, gog files can contain up to 384 samples per gog making large gogs possible. The samples page is divided into positional group "pages". One position is shown at a time.

Positional groups can now be named (for example "Side", "Center", etc) instead of a boring number.

Left/Right Hand support: I've added support for left/right hand samples. If a gog file contains samples for left hand strikes and right hand strikes, these can now be assigned in the samples page. When the drummer plays a fast enough roll (adjustable in the advanced page), Drumagog automatically switches the samples (left-right-left-right...) to make the roll sound much more realistic.

Add From track: this feature allows you to add samples directly from the track Drumagog is inserted on. (in the samples page).

Export to WAV: Allows you to right-click (or control click for Mac users) on a sample within a gog file, and save it as a wav file. You can also save all the samples as gogs by right-clicking on the samplebox.

Best Regards,
Rim Buntinas
WaveMachine Labs, Inc.

The manual is going through a major update and will be ready next month. In the mean time, I've posted a work-in-progress version which has most of the new features documented (the pictures in the manual are still not updated):

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