Drumagog 5.21b for PC

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Drumagog 5.21b for PC

Post by Matt W » Wed Jul 26, 2017 8:41 am

We have released a bug fix update for the Windows versions of Drumagog, version 5.21b; this update primarily fixes an issue with Platinum's Plugin Hosting. The installer is now available on the Drumagog account page.

This is a 64-bit only version of Drumagog 5 and requires Windows 7 or newer, users of older 32-bit DAWs and operating systems should continue using the previous 5.21 version.

Important Note: Moving forward, an ilok.com user account is now required for all activations of 5.21b, even though a USB iLok is still not required. Due to updates in PACE's activation system, license files have been replaced by machine-based authorizations (via the iLok License Manager). This only applies to 5.21b and future updates, however, older versions of Drumagog 5 still support license files.

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