Kind of global preset

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Kind of global preset

Post by burn4ever » Wed Jan 01, 2014 4:11 am

Hey Fellas,
I have an instance of Drumagog on a snare track were all settings like amount of groups, sensitivity, dynamic etc. are perfect.
To make life a little bit easier it will be nice to have these settings as a starting point on other projects.

So whats the best way.
To save this one as a new gog and later replace the samples? Or is there a smarter way to do that?

Chris M
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Re: Kind of global preset

Post by Chris M » Thu Jan 30, 2014 2:23 pm


You should be able to save an instance of Drumagog's settings with your DAWs plugin setting presets--doing so will save a preset that will reload Drumagog's settings exactly as they were set.

If you need to preserve changes to the Gog file itself (groups, samples, articulations, etc.), just need to save a new Gog File with those changes. Once you have this custom Gog File, saving the preset with this file loaded will include it in the preset, and it will be loaded when you load the preset as part of your DAWs presets.


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