HELP!! Did I spend 230 on the wrong thing?!

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HELP!! Did I spend 230 on the wrong thing?!

Post by sodax » Sun Sep 29, 2013 12:54 am

Ok, so I'm confused, I know now that drumagog is a plugin, here's my issue... I got the demo a few days ago, and absolutely LOVED it for what I needed it for, which is triggering my drums live, however the demo I got worked as a standalone, I didn't have to open any other programs... Now I've bought it because I loved it so much, and I can't find it on my computer... and I'm reading it needs to be opened with another program... what have I missed? I have drumagog 5 pro. Why would the demo be standalone, and the full version not have that option?

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Re: HELP!! Did I spend 230 on the wrong thing?!

Post by Chris M » Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:18 am


I'm not sure how you would have been running the demo as a 'standalone' program. This does not exist--Drumagog, even the demo, must always be used within a DAW capable of hosting plugins (AU or VST, or ProTools RTAS). If you're having trouble getting Drumagog up-and-running in a DAW, please contact support[at]drumagog[dot]com.


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