2 bits of grief

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2 bits of grief

Post by widereceiver » Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:18 am

Both are sequencer related
1. First I am a two-bar count-in guy but hey, I can adapt to the modern world. The grief is that when I have count-in enabled and then record, when I go to play the first bar is a blank.

2. I enabled the loop button thinking I would get into a four bar loop to get the thang going. No luck so far. I have 3.0.1 on my phone.

Help please

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Re: 2 bits of grief

Post by trupro » Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:48 pm

Im sure the dev team has a much better answer but i'd like to offer the following via experience:

1.sounds like you are still waiting two bars for count-in, since count-in is one bar. If that is not the case, perhaps your quantizing to a note value that is so large that when you play something sparse and a little late, its quantizing it to the second bar?

2.The loop function reacts purely to what you've played. For example, if you let it run too long but didnt play any notes, it will loop to the last bar with notes on it. It actually works very well, although i'd imagine if you need a 1-bar drop or rest at the end of a pattern, its gonna throw your real loop off by one bar. if that is the case, put a 'placeholder' note somewhere near the end of the last bar, such as a highhat, and edit it so there impercievable volume. Otherwise, use it to your advantage and a fill into it. You know, the way you would pick the rhythm back up at the end of a rest bar going into a chorus or something like that.

hope that is applicable, cheers

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